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Tree Hugger Comment

If you think Tree Huggers are the one to blame then I will have to educate you a little on Supply & Demand and how we got ourselves into this mess. Does anyone remember when gas was really low in the late 90's? I remmeber it being aroun 79 cents per gallon. It was no problem to fill up the gas hog of a Jeep Wrangler that I had. What was going on with Oil back then that made it so cheap? Well, that was when we had major projects in the works to drill off shore in Gulf just off the LA coast. This would have made us more independent from foereigh Oil (OPEC). So to prevent this from happening OPEC flooded our markets with Cheap Oil. So cheap that it did not make sense to even begin drilling because there was no way that we could produce domestic oil at the prices that OPEC was selling it to us for. Now it makes sense but this is what will happen again if we begin producing oil more domestically. OPEC will increase their production to hinder our own production and to compete against us and to maitain market share. What we need is the medias help...Help us by telling the stories of our own production efforts and how they will lower the price to X, Y or Z....In other words use the media to help set traps for your competition...


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