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Gas prices

The real cause of high gas prices: 1. TAXES - Federal and State taxation accounted for 12.3% of its average cost, approximately 0.40 per gallon, higher in some states like California. 2. REGULATION AND MANDATES - Oil is a simple commodity, but gasoline is a custom blend made to order. That is being placed by bureaucrats, not engineers. Those who think the government has done a great job with the IRS and Department of Education probably believe it makes perfect sense that Congress (Democratic Majority right now) should be the world's experts on motor fuel engineering and chemistry. Congress now thinks that Ethanol should be added to gasoline, it is expensive, corrosive and highly evaporative. It requires special refining equipement, increases maintentance costs and makes transportation by pipeline problematic. But it buys votes in the Corn Belt. 3. WEAK DOLLAR AND OTHER GEOPOLITICAL UNCERTAINTIES - The shrinking dollar does not help the price of oil. The uncertainty over geopolitical situation in the Middle East, West Africa and in Venezuela. 4. SUPPLY AND DEMAND - This is the main factor contributing to gasoline prices. Every oil producer on Earth including those in OPEC has the taps wide open as they try to sell all the oil they can in this bull market. The imbalance between supply and demand is not only caused by the increase in demand in China and India, but also by a decrease in relative supply. Environmentalist and the Democratic Party should be proud of this accomplishment, since they have it made it against the law for drilling off the coast of Florida, California and on the North Slope of Alaska. The environmental threat posed by any of these drilling operations is quite small - offshore platforms actually attract marine life. By contrast the national economic threat posed by denying ourselves the energy in these regions is hugh and apparent. It is quite probable that the U.S. is keeping more oil and gas offline domestically than is purportedly being denied to us by OPEC. Alaska alone is estimated to have a peak productin of more than a million barrels per day. This is equal to most of OPEC's current excess capacity. Taxation. mandates, a weak currency and willful ignorance of the dictates of supply and demnad - these are the reasons behind gasoline prices in the United States and they are all within our own control. We have the gas prices we've have chosen buy voting in a majority Democratic Party, and a possible Democratic President in November. If that happens the gas prices will only continue to rise, for there will not be enough Repubilcans to help maintain a check and balance. For those that can remember, just think back to what it was like during Carter's Administration, it will only be worse this time around. Think before you vote this November, don't react to feeling good about a candiate, research what the candiate has stated he will do for this country. Raising taxes for more spending programs is not the answer. The cause for high prices are from an article by Mac Johnson, in the article he wrote "self-inflicted Pain".


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