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High gas prices

It seems we are quick to blame everybody else but ourselves. I drive a small car, conserve as much power as possible & including energy saving lightbulbs in my home (power bill last month was $28.77 no A/C on til about 8days ago). We've become so dependent on our vehicles & oil. Why are we so adament about increasing our oil production & drilling off the Atlantic coast or ANWR & blaming the "tree huggers & enviroloons" when it doesn't happen. I've been to the northern California coast where they drill for oil offshore & there was a line of oil at the shoreline. The locals told me that is normal but the officials said it was safe. Personally I don't want to view that when I go to the beach & can't go swimming because there's a line of oil on our shoreline. It's time for the folks with the money & power to do what's right for the future & our environment & provide for the masses. It can be very profitable for the corporations bottom line for the long term plus it can create jobs which in turn will increase our economy. New Hanover County can start by bringing in companies that will do what's right for our precious commodity-our environment-how about creating jobs for people to update our failing infrastructure. Plus tourism is on the decline with rising cost of living & little or no pay raises.


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