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Whoever wrote the above entry should be read by every person who is interested in a fare shake from our illustrious government. Headline,June 9, 2008- Over the past 20 yrs, we the consumer have been financing the Senate cafeteria for the past almost 20 yrs the report said, to the tune of $15 million. It has not made a profit during this whole time. And you want government to run your lives? Where did this money come from?? Not out of their pockets that is for sure! Look at the gas pump like someone has alaready suggested. 15 cents to the feds and I think it is 40 plus or minus 5 cents to the state, and 4 cents to the oil company. Do you feel the oil companies are screwing us? If they or any corporation has to pay higher taxes, they sure the heck are not going to pay them. We will! Look at Social Security. OOps somehow those people in CONGRESS now put this fund in the GENERAL FUND in the Treasury. Is it solvent? Heck no?!!!!!! This is our money technically the way the law was originally passed. Why am I taxed on my social security payment each month to the tune of almost 10%. Isn't this money a tax and paid into the federal coffers each pay check by you and I? So why am I being taxed on this again??Wait until yu start receiving yours!!! Another fact. Environmentalist have pressured our illustrious Congress some much on saving every little thing on earth causing us not have a new refinery or power plant built in the US in almost 30 yrs. The other day on the Discovery Channel they showed a wind power field of 100's of these machines. How many houses does it generate power for? Four Hundred homes! How many of these wind mill will take to power New Hanover county? Fact- environmentalist held up the repair of the levees in New Orleans for over twenty years in the courts because of their concerns over what ever athing or animal theywanted to save! All of this information is taken from a news conference with a LT Gen of the Corp of Engineers about 2 weeks after Katrina! C-Span was the only network who showed it. In this same report, the Gen also said the city of New Orleans and it's parish had already been given about $50M[i am pretty sure this is correct] for the repairs. It was held up for all these years too in the litigation by these same environmentalist. Now I would like others to answer two questions. Discounting shipwrecks around the world, when was the last time we, the US, or any other oil producing country had a major oil spill disaster from any oil pipe line source?? Remember these pipelines run on land and underwater all over the world! China is going to drill just below the Florida Keys? Huge oil field there. And where is our government on this!! NO DRILLING!!!!!!!!! DOES THIS MAKE SENSE TO YOU? Last question. How has the Alaskan pipe line in the over 30 yrs it has been in operation, caused any and if any, environmental damage to any living thing or the land?? The Caribou herd by the way has grown 5 fold as they say! If you can't answer none to those questions, where have you been? Blame Congress and the environemntalist for our gas prices today!!


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