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GAS mileage

If you all want to complain about something that can actually be fixed SOON.........ask Ford, Saab, Audi, GM, Volkswagen why in the heck they have cars in Europe getting at LEAST 45MPG (some 50-60) and we have cars getting at the MAX 39 on a hybrid. These cars in Europe are mid size (seat 4 comfortably) ,w/ gas & diesel engines. We just drove a 4 door Saab wagon with a turbo diesel for 3 weeks and got avg 45 MPG in England. I read where Ford was going to start producing a diesel in Mexico in 2010 for the American market, assuming the gas mileage would be the same. I wrote them a letter and even though it was on their website they would neither confirm or deny. Don't start with the "those cars wont pass our emissions standards" crud either. They might be slighty worse on emissions( NO idea) but at 50-60 MPG we would be burning/using less gas therefore emitting less emissions. This technology has been available for many years. Ask yourself why our auto makers wont bring it to us?


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