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Gee, Mom.....

...exactly what would you like the government to "do about it?" Do you also gripe about corn farmers making more money because corn prices are high? Here's a clue - neither corn farmers nor oil companies set the price of the underlying commodity. They simply PRODUCE the underlying commodity. What is so shocking about an oil company making record profits when the oil they own is selling for record prices? So, assuming that you aren't ready to resort to Marxist seizures or nationalization of the oil industry, here are a few suggestions: * Drive less, walk more. I now walk to the dry cleaners, the grocery store, the post office.....if it's under three miles, I walk it. I don't have to - I could easily hop in the car and blow the money on gas, but why would I? * Consolidate trips, plan routes. If you're going to the same locations several times a week (or even in a day) start scheduling your trips to make sense and eliminate the unneeded trips. * Start trimming unnecessary expenses to help pay for fuel and food. How many cellphones does one family need? How many cable channels? How many TVs??? * Carpool, even if it's only with your spouse. You don't both have to drive. * Stop griping about oil prices and start investing in oil companies. Nothing takes the sting out of oil prices better than that dividend check coming in every three months. A few of the big integrated companies pay some fat dividends, too. This is just the tip of the iceberg, people. We will see $200 oil within a couple of years - some are predicting this year.


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