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For all the old time feelings about Southport and how great it is and how it should not change and the port should not come here. Sorry but I think the idea of protecting our Children's future jobs is the utmost important task we need to have. Yes you may have your way of life but that way is not the only way. People never want change. Leave it alone we dont need it. but when your children leave to go find better jobs and you have to live far apart from your family simply because there are no jobs? It does not make since. Not only the fact that if a person has a job they are more likely not to commit a crime, they feel good about themselves and will reflect that image to their children, They will become more productive in the community, Provide sales to local murchants and WE wont need to rely on the tourist that I hear so many "local" people crying about. Look to the future and prepare your family to embrace change that can be good.


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