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Only Your Side?

I do see your side. YOU need to see the other side! You already have the services, etc. that you need to function in your home. So do the residents in the city, but they must also pay your county taxes, for the services you enjoy. It's the same situation in reverse..except that this time you're the winner, and those that live in the city are the losers. The only fair way in this smallest county of all 100 counties in North Carolina, is to consolidate. But too many jobs and "powers" would be lost, so that will not happen without the biggest fight since, well, The War Between The States (I know this is a politically and socially incorrect comparison, so please forgive me, and see the incorrect humor.) Now, just one more point. Look at the big picture. You have your necessary services, and so do the city residents that pay YOUR county you do not pay for their city taxes. (Lucky you on Friday the 13th.) And I know you do not live in the city limits, BUT generally speaking you enjoy the same benefits of the city dwellers, without financially supporting the extra costs that come along with any "metro" area. And you do "use" the city benefits....come on. One solution: Move deep into the country, and be done with the city.


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