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Tax Ignorance

I can't believe how people who are so ignorant about what their taxes pay for will so quickly and proudly show their ignorance when it comes to city residents paying county taxes. As a city resident you are paying county taxes for benefits that YOU enjoy as equally as everyone else in the entire County. NC local governments are a two tier system, not two separate systems and YOUR county taxes are paying for the Courts, the Jails, the Board of Elections, the land records, the landfills and other environmental services, the health services, the SCHOOLS, the libraries, and park services. THINK! Think of how much more money you would be paying and how much your city taxes would have to be raised to fund city jails, city courts, city libraries, city health services, a city dump, a city board of elections, a city Land Records office, City Schools, and probably more I'm not remembering. The city taxes you pay are going for all the "extras" that you elected to have purchased on your behalf when you bought into the city. You are paying for a higher level of separate police protection, separate fire protection, a bigger land planning dept. that is enacted stricter control over land use, your separate garbage collection, city parks (since the ones the county provides aren't enough for you)and some other city-centric "amenities" like dog parks and other goofy special interest handouts at the taxpayers expense. So enjoy them and quit berating County landowners who are satisfied with LESS handouts from their local government and are happy to pay and support private local business for things like garbage pickup. I'd like to see one County cut off the cities from the services that the County taxes pay so the city residents can stop paying county taxes, Then watch the city governments scramble to find the money to replace these county provided services with city services paid with city taxes.


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