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I own 5 homes, all in the county. I bought them in the county for a reason. Monkey Junction has flourished as a mini "metro" area all on it's own without city input. Now the city wants to cash in, just like when it annexed Landfall. Is it not plainly clear that the city only wants to annex areas that 1) are valuable properties or large commercial ventures (Wal Mart, Lowes, Lowes foods - big sales tax revenue) 2) already have infrastructure like water/sewer, etc in place so there is no up front investment on the city's part. The city seems to have no interest in providing services to unincorperated areas to the NORTH of wilmington that actually could use infrastructure investment. I agree that city residents should not have to pay county tax. I also think that people who purchase real estate in the county should be "grandfathered in" and be un-annexable. But really, what does the city provide you? Where do you work? Does the city government add anything to the quality of your lifestyle - or does the private sector arts/entertainment/fine dining restaurants/shops/ and tourist trade provide these things? Less government, no convention center (let private enterprises build it!!!), and no to insider/realtor/good ol boy lobby politicians!!!! All I want is Fire,police,parks/rec, water/sewer, schools, and road maintanance - and I ALREADY GOT IT. No thanks City of Wilmington. Cut costs, increase your residents taxes, or CONSOLIDATE!


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