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Wilmington Wastes Money

First I want to thank Wilmington representative Danny McComas, great Job! As for Ms. Padgett with her, "It's only fair that the costs of keeping the community financially healthy be shared,". Maybe she and her cohorts can find a way to spend money responsibly. Maybe a budget? Maybe they could not pervert North Carolina Law for their own distorted agendas. This is just another way for the City of Wilmington to Waste Taxpayer money. If the City of Wilmington is having a problem being financilly healthy, why would they waste millions of dollars on a convention center? Why wouldnt they let private business build it? Isnt it true that in the bid for the building of the C Center, they did not consider the cost of the footing? Now the City will waste another 10 million of tax payer money. The 10% of residents of Wilmington that voted these idiots in should be ticked off. Do any of you even know how distorted the City of Wilmington and some of the other Cities in NC have twisted the laws on annexation into their own favor? Why are we only one of four states to have this type of annexation law? Has anyone ever heard of Taxation without representation? And what about those folks in Seabreeze? Why werent they annexed? They wanted it, they needed the services with which annexation was ment for? Would it have not be a good finacial move for the city? That's all I got for now.


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