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First, we as a society have become too dependant on the government to protect us. Local, state and federal governments do serve a purpose, but the responsibility to protect ourselves and our property lies solely on us, the citizens. When as a people look to the government to provide for our every need, we loose our freedoms. We can not point the finger at the government every time they fail us. Historically, the government is ill equipped to provide in an emergency. This situation may have been no different. However, firefighters did respond. They risked their lives. They did extinguish the fire and prevented further damage and danger. The job was done with or without a working hydrant. The fire department should be commended and thanked. Secondly, it is not the government’s fault that a fire started in this home. A working fire hydrant would not have prevented the fire. Too blame the government in this situation is irresponsible and pathetic. Instead of always looking for someone to blame we should take a moment, it the mist of a failure, and examine ourselves. What could “I” have done differently? How can “I” improve in the future? Let us all take responsibility for our actions and not depend on a government to save us.


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