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My Cigarette Butts

Today I was driving and threw out my cig. butt and another vehicle blew the horn at me which scared me to death because I thought something was wrong with my car and he was trying to warn me but, instead he was trying to promote a citizens arrest and shake his finger at me like i was 5 years old. I have smoked for over 20 yrs not proud of my young adult decision but at the time it was cool and everyone did it. Now as an older adult it makes me sick to have such a bad habit but, I really wish people who did not smoke or never have could understand the addiction. For myself, I try to give non-smokers respect but I expect them to give me the same respect!!! If you want to be a DO GOODER that's fine but next time keep your rage with your vehicle and finger to yourself!!! Also, i would like to add that don't have ashtrays in vehicles anymore!!!


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