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Lisa, hooked is one thing, to be trashy is yet another!

You aren't alone with the fact that you can't control your smoking habit, but you don't have to trash the environment by throwing your butts out the window!
How about getting a bit of class about yourself, buy a portable ash tray available at any carwash and stuff your butts in there! Maybe you don't wash your car, or your underwear and haven't been to a dentist since the age of three. I'm guessing here, but your post provides a very vivid image.
As a motorcyclist I received a immediate hot gift inside of my jacket from a driver that flipped his burning butt out the window while underway. Forest fires are caused by this behavior as well. THINK!!!
Your complete ignorance in publicly posting your trashy behavior is testament to your societal capacity. This is perfect proof that mental evaluations should be a part of obtaining a drivers license.

You can call me a "DO GOODER". Maybe this post will give you an idea of how "DO GOODERS" refer to you!


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