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I believe that you couldn't

I believe that you couldn't have been further off base with your comments. When Peter Jennings died, ABC covered it on the following day's GMA and World News. I believe that whole weeks' worth of World News was focused on his career. Then, they had a primetime news special. I'm sure that ABC News Now even covered it, as well. Was this too much from the network for which your employer is affiliated? It sounds like a double-standard to me. In addition, NBC did give their Nightly News and Today Show this treatment when David Bloom died while covering Iraq in '03 (Matt Lauer, Katie Couric and Soledad O'Brien anchored a special edition of Today while Tom Brokaw did duty on Nightly News and a primetime special on that Sunday; don't remember if Russert himself did a special "Meet The Press" on Bloom). Tim Russert's death was indeed a shock and the way that NBC paid tribute to him was not an ethical lapse by any measure of the imagination. It was human and what anyone else would have done (except for you, of course). NBC Employees and his closest friends reminisced from the first word of his death by Tom Brokaw right through this morning's "Meet the Press". Even his competitors on ABC, CBS, FOX News and CNN were affected so much by his death that their coverage focused on Mr. Russert's death (Campbell Brown, Larry King Live and Hannity & Colmes come to mind). This was a very public way for all of Russert's fans and viewers to properly grieve. Seeing previous "Meet The Press" episodes that aired on MSNBC and the number of specials aired, especially where he discussed his book "Big Russ and Me" served as an electronic form of visitation and reflected Mr. Russert's professionalism and showed why he had such a profound effect on the political and news scene that I'm afraid will never be seen again. Mr. Russert's death was very much the news as he made the news week after week during his tenure at NBC News. This news indeed made all of the other stories take a back seat, but we already knew about Afghanistan and the Midwest Floods beforehand. The Internet is here to read up on those stories and I guess you have a remote control to surf through the 500+ channel cable universe to hear about these stories if you really need this type of fix. I think any of us would have been proud to have such a huge outpouring of sympathy from our friends. Please show some respect!


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