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While we are at it...let's

While we are at it...let's do something about the smell of gas fumes in traffic as well. Heck,let's do something about pollution itself. Tell the people in Beijing to tone it down a bit so their fumes don't engulf the world with their factory fumes and millions of SUV they are now driving with little pollution laws and controls. Maybe they should all put a giant cigarette filter over their smoke wide!!! I agree with taking alcohol out of the bowling alley as well as one writer mentioned. Let's start removing a lot of vices people want, but some don't. Tell the people 100 feet away to pour out their beer and straighten up and fly right while you are at it, because they may be the ones to hit and kill someone when they drive home after drinking. Removing alcohol from bowling allies/restaurants won't happen because people still depend on their BUZZ to get through life...just ask anyone that drinks and tell them you want them to pour it out...NOW!!! How many non smokers (but drinkers) just got their toes stepped on????


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