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What Rights???

Why do you smokers say, "what about smoker's rights?" What rights do you have? The one promised to you by the founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence? Not one!! The one promised to you in the US Constitution? Again, not one!!! I am not sure of the rights you speak of. Smoking in public is just like driving and owning a driver's license. It is a privilege granted to you by fulfilling certain obligations. When you mess up bad enough driving, you lose your license. Well, you smokers have long since worn out your privilege and your welcome. You are rude, inconsiderate and if that is not bad enough, you dispose of your nasty property on the sidewalk, grass, my yard, the roadway...everywhere that you have NO RIGHT to do it. The way I see it is, the rights you speak of or nothing more than a privilege and a choice and the grace period for blowing smoke in our faces and on our clothes because we want to eat and play in a clean, smoke-free environment, is used up!!!!


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