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Smoke free

I think that the people that are saying, "What about smokers rights..." and all that crap should think about it. No one is making you STOP SMOKING. They are just trying to have a smoke free environment for people to hang out, and without getting exposed to second hand smoke. 1 minute of exposure to second hand smoke= Smoking 5 cigarettes 20 minutes of exposure= Smoking 1 pack of cigarettes 2 hours of exposure= irregular heart beat Second hand smoke is the number one cause of Asthma attacks. Therefore, you bring your child into a bowling ally to have a lovely day bowling, and you bowl for about an hour. If 5 minutes of exposure equals the same thing as smoking 1 cigarette then your child just smoked 60 cigarettes. Way to hurt their young, developing, fragile lungs. Also, since second hand smoke is the number one cause of Asthma attacks then I guess that just sucks for asthmatics.... right?


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