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I am appalled by many of your responses to this. Teens in our local community are actually working toward something to benefit a large amount of people, and instead of supporting their action, you claim that your rights are being taken away. Let me two things for you. 1. A smoke-free business does not ban smokers. It bans the actual action of smoking. If you have to have a cigarette so often that you can't even go somewhere for an hour without having a craving one, you're addicted, which is exactly what cigarettes are made to do; they trap you in a self-destructive addiction, milk you for all they can get, and leave you a hollowed out husk. You should be thanking a business that asks you not to smoke. 2. The idea that smoke-free designations takes away your "rights" is absolutely ridiculous. Yes, you do have every right to smoke yourself to death, but you have no right to subject others to your fate. Most non-smokers don't take well to the idea of being exposed to carcinogens against their will. You have said that non-smokers can just avoid establishments that allow smoking. That impedes on our rights to visit places of business. We shouldn't have to go out somewhere and be concerned about our health and that of our children. Why should you be free to go anywhere you want when we are limited? Some mentioned that you should respect those around you. How about you respect non-smokers by not causing us problems because you have an addiction? You elongated suicide is entirely your choice, and is your burden to bear. Don't force it on us. I'm not going to tell you to quit, though that would be the best for you, but at the very least, respect that the rest of us are aiming to lead a long, healthy life.


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