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NHC taxe increase

They are raising our taxes to cover someone elses huge mistake. Personally I don't like paying for someone elses mistakes. Of course I make mistakes but I own up to it and do everything I can to pay for it-that's what my parents taught me to do. There have been a few jobs where I made a monetary mistake and they took it out of my paycheck. I made the mistake, I was responsible. You bet I didn't make it again. I'm an accountant & I know about budgets, especially my own. Let the public go through this budget with a fine tooth comb & let us have a say to what this county can do without & what is absolutely necessary. First of all we can do without the Titan & their 4.2 million dollar tax cut or the convention center. I bet you we could find ways to cut the grass at the parks for free such as teens or young adults on probation put them to work for free to pay back society. A little responsibility won't hurt you. Change the county trucks to electric golf carts for one thing. Move the AC up to 78 instead of 74. I keep mine at 80 with ceiling fans going & my house stays cool. There are ways our county officials can suck it up & do without.


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