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Here's what else we expect, Mister Greer

We expect you to stop giving away OUR money to any group that comes walking up with a sob story and their hand out. That ranges from local "homeless advocacy groups," to Cape Fear Soccer, to WAVE. And we SURELY want you to stop giving millions to corporations that were going to come her anyway! Titan NEEDS the Castle Hayne site, because of the fossiliferous limestone deposits and supporting infrastructure present in the area. (To avoid confusion, let me explain. I am pro-industry, but anti-stupid government giveaways. This wasn't a case of a motor vehicle factory, that could locate anywhere, so we bribed them to come here. Titan has had their eye on the Castle Hayne site for a LONNNNNG time, and sweetening the pot with $4.2 million was completely unnecessary.) Were it not for Senora Sob-sister and the Four Fiscal Fools, we could probably be LOWERING tax rates.


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