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I am a teacher. First, we do not get the whole summer off with pay. I choose to extend my ten month pay checks over 12 months. It irritates me to no end that some people actually believe this. The "whole" summer is from June 12-August 18. That is 2 months, not the whole summer. Also most of us seldom leave when the 3:25 bell rings, but that is when my pay is finished for the day. We are constantly bringing home papers to grade and lessons to plan. Don't forget coming back to school for PTA meetings, festivals, and ball games. I think it is a shame that we have to seek employment during our "free summer" to make ends meet! I know of no other job that you have to do this. After all we did not go into teaching for the money! That is painfully obvious. As the saying goes: TEACHING MAKES ALL OTHER PROFESSIONS POSSIBLE. Hopefully, before I retire this will show in our paychecks! Thanks for letting me vent.


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