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To State employee--How much money do you make and what kind of state job do you have? if, the parents for one would get involved with their children there wouldn't be state jobs for the probation workers, social workers and prison workers. I bet THEY make more money than the teachers who are with your children for 6 or more hours a day are. I think teachers are very underpaid for what they do and how they try to help children get ahead in life. My husband is a state employee and we feel very sorry for the teachers who have to extend their 10 month pay to 12 month pay. They shouldn't have to do this. You talk about the meer 7% raise,that isn't crap in my book. Have you actually seen some of the mess these teachers have to put up with in the schools in Wilmington? Especially the middle and high schools? So, my question to you sir or madam is a WHAT DO YOU DO FOR YOUR MONEY AND HOW MUCH DO YOU MAKE FOR DOING IT? Are you one of the ones standing on the side of the road holding the pitch fork and watching the others work?


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