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banning smoking near

banning smoking near entrances does not cure the problem of anything. it was only recently that one could not smoke a cigarette inside the general assembly in raleigh. i cannot understand the danger of smoke OUTSIDE a building (look up the chemicals in cigarettes, then look up the EPA estimated measurement of the chemicals that can cause problems. there is a HUGE difference, and according to the EPA the chemicals and carcinogens in second hand smoke cannot even affect one in a confined space unless exposed to MASSIVE amounts, let alone OUTSIDE). how about the state pass a law that requires ashtrays outside of state buildings so that cigarettes do not litter the entrance and so that butts don't get tracked inside. our legislature needs to focus on real problems...this law will not keep anyone from smoking (AKA paying EXCISE TAXES TO BENEFIT EDUCATION, and help our tobacco industry) outside a state building, only create criminals or civil violators.


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