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What about the people who

What about the people who have respiratory problems? I was a student at UNCW a couple of years ago, when people would literally stand in the doorways and smoke so they could talk to people inside the buildings. Cigarette smoke wreaks havoc with my asthma. Many times I couldn't walk to class without having to pass through a smoke cloud that sent me into an attack. It's not about pollution caused by cigarettes, it's that selfish smokers don't care what damage and suffering their causing to people with health problems. I guess I could stop being selfish too; maybe I should stop breathing or get a full-face gas mask. Another problem with smoking around buildings was made clear a couple of years ago when a residence hall's bushes around the building were set on fire doing moderate damage to the building and caused an evacuation. The cause turned out to be a discarded cigarette. I'd love to see a full public smoking ban for the state. Smokers can go without a cigarette for a few hours, but people like me can only go without breathing for about 2 minutes.


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