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You may need to look at the big picture. I smoke. I am in the process of quitting for my own reasions. If we allow the government to tell us where and when we can do things that are leagle, what is next? What time we wake up? They already have laws to tell us what we can and can't do in our privet property (seat belt LAW, helmit LAW). That should be my choice. It is my life. This just another step twards us loosing our freedom. I may be one of the few that respected nonsmokers. I did not smoke when I was pregnant and my son still has breathing problems. So I didn't smoke around him. Yet people kept saying "you need to quit" I never told nonsmoker with a bad attitude that they NEEDED to smoke. My last point is you say smokers can go without for a few hours? You must have never been around someone trying to quit. Know what you are talking about before you open your mouth.


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