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Some numbers that might influence your thinking on this...

Global Oil Consumption in 2008: 87 million billion barrels a day. Around 31 billion per year. TOTAL projected untapped U.S. oil reserves (according to U.S. Dept. of Interior): Around 49 billion. Estimated yearly output from untapped reserves (projected over 50 year life-span of wells): Around 1 billion barrels per year. Estimated global demand for oil in 2012 (earliest estimate of time required to bring untapped reserves to market): 95.8 million barrels a day, 35 billion year. 1/35th of current price of gasoline (3.98): 12 cents. Projected price of gasoline in 2012* (based on $2.25 per litre): $8.53 per gallon. Number of oil spills costing more than $1 million in American waters since 1990 (according to U.S. Government Accounting Office): 51 Economic impact of beach tourism (Florida only): $39 billion per year. * Untapped production included in estimates. My take: Whatever reasons you have for wanting oil rigs on the horizon, price doesn't have much to do with it. If 12 cents off the price of $8 makes that big a difference to you, then you've got other problems. This is political smoke and mirrors. Americans will bash each over the head and politician will point the blame liberals and conservatives, depending on their parties. In the end, none of this will matter - except to the people


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