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Offshore drilling

I've been to the west coast-San Fran, Carmel, etc. When I went to the beach I saw beautiful surroundings but at the shore line was a line of oil & the residents said that's normal & it doesn't affect the environment as they were told by the oil drillers. I, as a native North Carolinian would not like to see that on the Carolina coast. Everyone's complaining about how high fuel prices are, we are so dependent on gas & oil (like a herion addict who can't live without) that we aren't willing to make the sacrifices now (nor did we during the 70s during the oil "shortage"). It's time to change our dependency on oil and rethink how we produce energy. Continuing this line of thinking is only making it harder & more expensive for the future. If we had made the sacrifices in the 70s to produce alternative energy with solar, wind, water just think, we could tell all the oil companies to shove it cause we don't need them. Instead we are paying higher fuel prices now because we weren't willing to change during the 70s.


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