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On Chinese oil drilling...

It's a myth. Wouldn't matter if it wasn't, though, as oil is a global commodity and the major energy companies are global conglomerates. Check out where they are based. You might be shocked to find out how many "American" companies have moved their headquarters to Dubia in the last decade. What that means is that oil is priced on the global market and sold to the highest bidder. If China has the cash, oil drilled by "American" companies will be sold to China. The only way to stop this would be to nationalize the industry (as Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and the rest of the OPEC nations did decades ago). This is why oil drilling makes those countries wealthy and is funneled directly to government programs, while the profits from oil drilling here benefit the shareholders and executives of the energy industry. I kind of doubt that the politicians in this country will vote to take control of their largest donors. Again, an "American" oil rig off of Florida is absolutely no different from a Chinese one. The oil's still going to go to whoever can pay the most, no matter what country provides the oil.


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