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Physics and chemistry are real pains, huh?

Do you understand WHY there are so few places to refuel the handfull of hydrogen cars that are running around on PR tours? Do you understand that hydrogen does not naturally exist in a free state on Earth? Do you understand that when the BTUs needed to produce an alternative fuel exceed the BTUs delivered by that fuel, it is "energy negative," and totally impractical? The entire issue of alternative energy is being muddied up with too many pipe dreams that will never come to fruition unless we have some major discovery and breakthrough that allows us to do what is impossible or impractical. Hydrogen requires massive amounts of energy to be derived from water via electrolysis. Ethanol requires massive amounts of energy to be distilled from agricultural products. Weather and climate restrictions seriously inhibit where that energy can be obtained via solar. The only alternative fuels that show any short-term promise are biodiesel, natural gas, and propane, all of which, like your hybrid, are here, now, but out of favor with the sky-is-falling crowd because of emissions. I think you truly underestimate how efficient gasoline and the internal combustion engine are at energy delivered vs energy required to produce. Finding a new, practical replacement fuel is not happening in our lifetime. We will continue to adapt and refine existing technology to stretch our petroleum supplies. You also underestimate the oil companies if you think they aren't working on replacement fuels 24 x 7, which was the entire purpose of my first posting.


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