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We Need To Wake Up The Middle East

Will will never be independent for our own energy if we don't drill offshore domestically. New areas have huge potential. Environmentalist will say we need to drill up all the leases we have now. Ha!!!! do you think the oil companies want to open up more areas if they already had areas with anything in it. The siezmic work has been done. It just isn't there. Incase you didn't know it isn't like drilling a water well where you pick a spot and there is a good chance you strike water. The oil industry is so regulated environmentally. You have even a minor spill of a couple barrels and you have everyones attention in Houston with the Coast Guard and MMS. When was the last major blowout to affect U.S. Waters?... Campechi in 1979/80. 28 years ago technology was crude. We have learned so much since. Chances aren't taken like they used to. Technology and early warning with trained and knowledgeable people have replaced the seat of your pants wildcatters. I don't think it is the oil rigs people are worried about but the ugly seaports that are the lifeline of supply to the oilfields that nobody wants on there coastlines.


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