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someone to admire??

this is a man to admire? He changed the face of decent comedy and opened the floodgates for all the garbage on TV and radio. There were standards before he challenged them and won during a time of rebellion in this country. Those who are smart enough and old enough to recognize the damage done by George and those with him are saddened by what has taken place. I am sure that if Mark Twain were alive today he would be appalled at the thought of this man and his "comedy" being given an award with his name on it. One day when all the "accomplishments" are laid out end to end we will all see what really mattered and for sure we will see George and his crowd hanging their heads in shame over what they have done to the generations coming after them. There is no legacy here only one very sad story of what was a great talent to bring laughter wasted in a garbage dump.


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