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For goodness sake...

I agree with everyone here besides Guest421. Those that are against this international port really need to take a look at the overall picture that it would bring to the area. Instead of yelling no no and no they need to look at areas like Charleston and Norfolk which have these ports. They are just as much a tourist area as we are and they still have people come from all around to still vacation in their area. Not only will this port bring lots of jobs for folks, but also an increased amount of tourist especially if they put a cruise port like those other ports have. Southport wouldn't lose its charm at all, this would pave the way for improved roads and many other much needed sprucing up that some areas in southport so desperately needs. I have lived in the Southport/Oak Island all of my life and I for one am glad to see something like this coming to town. It wasn't until those coming from all over the US to retire with all there money and attitudes that Brunswick County started going to pot. Before all the changes that you folks made we were a small populated county that was filled with trees and beautiful scenery. Now there's only places like St. James,(that ruined our wetland areas - look it up they got fined well over a million dollars for attempting to build yet another golf course on protected wetlands even after getting declined on their permits) that thinks they are better then everyone else. It's not about folks preserving their homes, its about these rich folks wanting to keep something that would help this county grow and prosper and keep their precious money to themselves. If they wanted to preserve their homes then they could have moved to the mountains where there is no oceans.


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