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You mean, "Environmental Alarmism."

Exactly when were the huge ports at Baltimore and Norfolk built? Is your contention that mankind can't build better? That we haven't learned anything in the past century plus? If you investigate the Chesapeake Bay's problems, you will find that the ports rank very low on the list of causes. The biggest problem is pollution caused by massive development on the upper portions of the bay. Everyone wants the view from their deck to be a pristine bay at the edge of their pristine lawn, but the two don't go hand-in-hand. Runoff from fertilizer and very old municipal sewage systems upstream are the largest causes of pollution in the bay. Still, even if the ports were a problem, we are not building the port in a sheltered bay that is over a hundred miles long with a relatively narrow mouth. If you notice, the old ports on the East Coast were always built in protected harbors or miles up rivers. The Brunswick port will be build at what is basically a meeting of the Cape Fear and Atlantic Ocean. Anyone who knows that area knows the force of the currents that wrap around Bald Head Island and flush the area four times a day. So unless you want your children to be caddies, work at WalMart, or rent kayaks, you'd better realize that this area needs jobs that pay above minimum wage. The Wilmington area STILL has one of the lowest average salaries for an urban area in the Southeast, and it is ludicrous to believe that we can build a thriving economy by accepting only squeeky-clean, white-collar employers where all employees work in a forest of cubicles. Many people don't want to work in that environment, and quite honestly, many people don't have the intellect (or wardrobe) to work in that type environment. "Development can be positive, but should be conducted with caution and thought to the environmental consequences." Exactly right! That environmental care can be DEMANDED of the new port, Titan, and any other heavy industry that wants to locate in this area..... ...but to simply stamp our feet, scream, yell, and cry "Not here" every time such an industry tries to locate here simply insures that the area will never truly develop. We will continue to see our children move to Raleigh, Charlotte or Atlanta to find good jobs, and we will have a permanent underclass of people who get by as best they can, beacuse there are so few blue collar jobs available.


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