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Brilliant Minds Think Alike!

Excellent Commentary!

I am a woman (and quite feminine, not a feminist, eeekkkk!) and I can hunt, trap, and defend myself with numerous weapons, because I too have learned to be SELF-SUFFICIENT....because my parents (I had TWO!!!) and aunts and uncles and cousins and brothers, the neighborhood and our Christian Church,(more people) all influenced me to be a winner...(but not like Charly Sheen).

Being a winner in our family meant to LEARN lifes important lessons, and philosophies, and to see value in self-teaching ourselves all during our life. We learned principles, values, ethics, and mores'.

My Husband came from the same classic American self-reliant, self-sufficient (but not selffish or self-serving) work-ethicly driven family...not to mention his wonderful parents. HE HAD TWO Too!!!

TRUTH HURTZ, You speak for many of us who are witnessing this mind numbing 'redistribution of wealth" and calling the abusers to account for themselves. It is not about smugness, it is about work ethic, about perserverance and persistence, about believing in ones own self instead of "the system".


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