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Hey "Self-Giving"

THEY CAN PROVIDE!!! They (the takers) have learned that if they show up, it will be provided "FREE".

Free is the word that makes me angry because it is not Free, I paid for it, but never get so much as a thank you. Instead, we get slapped around and called names like "stingy" and selfish when we reject the CON, the HUSTLE lady. That is what they call it, you know????

It seems very SAFE to say that you are self-righteous because your tag 'self-giving' gives you away!!!

GIVE ME A BREAK! THEY CAN INDEED provide, but are used to left-wing loons like you who are the FIRST to wave their boney little fingers in the ladies abstinance class and say, "I want to adopt a few little children who goes to bed hungry every single night because they are from the ghetto single mother... and I may get some do gooder points.

Nonsense! You are sooo easy! Dumb!

I am in full agreement with ALL of the others who find it MORE than mildly disturbing that our taxes are being spent on free lunches for kids who DRESS for Success in elementary school, dress in latest fads in Middle School, dress like Gang Bangerz when they drop out of high school to join the drug cartel nurtured by their next of kin.

PAY attention when you are up to your armpits volunteering for the "less fortunate", you may learn the truth if you OPEN your eyes, ears and MIND. AND... "the truth shall set you Free!"


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