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Your Christian obligation may not be everyone's

Oddly enough, our nation is supposed to be governed by the Constitution, not the New Testament.... ...and while our nation's laws are certainly based upon Judeo-Christian beliefs, we are not a "CHRISTIAN NATION." We are a secular nation. Our Constitution specifically prohibits any acceptance or embracing of an "official" religion. So while you have a Christian obligation to care for the poor, the government has no more obligation than insuring domestic tranquility and promoting the general welfare. The Constitution impacts all of us. The New Testament is YOUR rule book, not mine, not the government's. These programs are an immense black hole into which we pour billions. These people are not starving. No one is going to die if they miss lunch. (More Americans NEED to skip lunch every single day.) This is not a case of "Let them eat cake." It's a case of our society, YET AGAIN, trying to make sure that poor people never once have to face the simple ramifications of their poverty.


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