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Should I have to carry not only MY weight in this world...BUT A WHOLE SLEW OF OTHERS riding on my coat tails behind me. I am the new SLAVE...I WORK and WORK and WORK so that other people can sit around on their rear ends and reap the benefits of MY HARD EARNED MONEY! It's not right to STEAL FROM ME to give to others who REFUSE to help themselves. I have NO ISSUE with money going to give someone a hand UP...but this hand OUT crap is GOING to stop sooner or later. With things like they can bet that the middle class isn't going to take this much longer. GOD HELP US if Obama becomes President...the middle class can kiss their money BYE BYE...not much better on the other side of the aisle either! The only way to stop this STUPIDITY is to vote EVERY FLIPPIN ONE of these idiots election..if those dont listen...VOTE EVERY FLIPPIN ONE OF THEM out!....rinse and repeat until THEY START LISTENING TO THEIR BOSSES!


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