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...and you shouldn't be so presumptuous.

I can hunt, I can garden, I can trap, and thanks to my previous employment, I can use a weapon amazingly well, as I had to prove on several occasions. I also got to attend jungle, desert, and arctic warfare survival schools at various times, so I assure you that I can survive on things that would make a possum puke. I was responsible for feeding TWO children, and guess what? They never went hungry. (The older one SHOULD have missed a few meals!) They are now grown and have children of their own....and their children don't go hungry either. It's not about smugness. It's about individual responsibility, self-reliance, and carrying your own load. It's about doing what is right. It takes no great intelligence or effort to refrain from producing offspring that you can't afford. All it takes is a bit of self-restraint and discipline....or proper planning if you can't muster the former two. Life really IS that simple!


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