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Let the boaters that benefit

Well, let's see if boaters are paying for dredging. Boat property taxes..... Trailer property taxes..... Boat registration fees....... $15 salt water fishing fees.... Gasoline and Diesel fuel taxes.... Marina slips taxes....... fishing gear taxes........ Hotel and Motel occupancy taxes....... Food and beverage taxes...{in addition to regular groceries} I think if we kept the money here in the first place, we wouldn't have to get Mcstupid to beg for our own money back from Washington. Maybe if we kept some on the money we spend on educating stupid johnny, who was stupid in the 3rd grade and still is stupid after graduation because of failing schools and teachers that have ABSOLUTELY NO ACCOUNTABILITY, we would have the money available. But nooooo, redlight cameras, the education lottery, and our property taxes continue to grow, and we continue to hear about the plight of teachers. The politicians all clamor for more money for teachers. It's never enough, even though at best we get sub par results. No wonder people educated in public schools believe boaters don't already pay enough. Believe me, people that hunt, fish, and enjoy the great outdoors pay their fair share already. As a matter of fact, we relieve the burden on our brother citizens by paying more than our fair share. And what do we get in return? Boat ramps that are few and far between. If we're lucky they are paved. Most are rock and gravel because the state uses our tax dollars to pander to every aspect of our society. Yeah, we pay enough, if your not satisfied, we will gladly accept refunds.


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