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Both sides have valid points

There are two simple facts that should dominate the issue of dredging: * Dredging the ICW and ocean accesses North of the Chesapeake brings the government hundreds of millions in tax revenue. Dredging South of the Chesapeake is a money loser. It costs far more than it brings in * That fact not withstanding, the people South of the Chesapeake still depend upon the ICW and ocean access. They need dredging. I believe the fairest solution is to split the costs between the states and feds. The feds should be responsible for dredging the ICW. The states could then decide on the number of ocean accesses they desired. Of course, that's the SECOND best solution. The best solution would be for both the feds and states to get OUT of the coddling/carrying business, and end the free lunch wealth-redistribution programs that refuse to hold people responsible for their own lives. If we didn't blow billions on TANF, Medicaid, SCHIPS, school lunches, etc, we might then have some money left over to maintain our infrastructure....


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