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"Right now North Carolina

"Right now North Carolina has the sixth lowest insurance rate in the country. The average person pays around $600 a year for auto insurance." _________________________________________________ Now, tell us what the rating is in New Hanover County! Get by without paying $1,000 a year (plus) here if you are an average Joe Blow. I believe NHC was left out of the mathematical equation in this report on insurance rates. I constantly see drivers swerving from the far right lane to the left lane to make a turn...never any police to stop them. I saw a news report last year from the WPD with an officer stating that this type of action from drivers was going to be stopped. My question is "When?" Face it, the WPD isn't nailing dangerous drivers as they should. But on the other hand, just to see them patrolling once in a while will curtail crazies from dumb acts behind the wheel...then is when the insurance companies won't have a leg to stand on come "increase time"!!! Until then, the insurance companies will bring it up every year for an increase in rates...if not state New Hanover County alone.


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