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How does Porters Neck bump against the city?

It doesn't. Oh, not until the city sucks up Ogden, Middle Sound, and Kirkland. THEN they can claim "Oh, it's right next door"....and like Landfall, that's their long term plan - "Gotta go for the big bucks!" Never mind that when most people bought their lots at Porter's Neck, the city was over twelve miles away. Their fault for underestimating the city's greed for more money and control, right? I truly love YOUR definition of "fair share." How in the world does supporting someplace where we don't work, we don't shop, and many of us have absolutely no need for constitute being our "fair share?" I live in the county, I work in the county, my doctor, dentist, bank, and grocer are in the county. What's "fair" about making me support that puffed up, quasi-inner-city you call Wimlington? Here's what is fair - respect the wish of the voters. Twice the issue of consolidation has been put before them, and twice it has been defeated by a healthy margin. Stop annexation simply to make cities larger. Unless there is a compelling reason for a city to annex an adjacent area, they should spend more time concentrating on the city as it exists, rather than scheming on how to expand and take over more areas while neglecting what they already have. Even if there is a logical reason to annex an adjacent area, the residents in that area should have a right to vote and say "yay" or "nay." This is not the Eighteenth Century, and we no longer rule by royal decree. This is a democracy, as painful as that may be to you fans of unlimited, big government! People have a right to decide if they want to be a part of the city. If it's TRULY in their best interests, you won't have to force them - they'll willingly sign on. But the simple fact is that FORCED annexation reveals the underlying fact of the issue - those annexed gain NOTHING, while you get to bask in the glow of misery loving company. "No annexation, no consolidation - Leave us alone!"


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