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Fair Share...

Defined, unless you are commensense.....and are less than 1% of the people who "never" come to Wilmington for anything (I am sure you drive to the Wal-mart in Jacksonville)....then fair share is when you use this infrastructure and such then you should have enough commonsense to know that you cant freeload forever. Now, since you never come to Wilmington for anything at any time then maybe you can get an exemption. The rest of you who do work,play and shop here in the "Fair" city need to pay up. Sorry for being blunt earlier. I could make the same silly arguement about paying county Taxs. I don't use the Sheriffs Dept. for anything, no kids go to school in NH Co., no Library use, water and sewer have been consolidated,,,I could go on and fact "I never" drive to Porters Neck. And yes, Porters Neck does not currently bump up with the city, Duh, why make another silly statement when you usually get your point across very well. Is this a little touchy for you?


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