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Mystery Shopper Scam VERY RECENT 1-28-2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The mystery shopper scam artist went to great lenghs. He UPSed me overnite, not one but two what appeared to be US Postal Service money orders. Both were made out to me and were written in long hand,and both were in the amount of $925.15 as I was to deposit the $1850.30 in my checking account, keep $200 as my "pay" and wire what ever was left after I paid for the Western Union Moneygram to an address in Kansas City, MO.

The two money orders to the naked eye looked good, but I have sent a number of USPS money orders myself recently and something looked bogus even to a relatively untrained eye.

So, I went to my local Main Post Office and tried to cash them and the window clerk in about 30 seconds said they were both counterfeit and turned them over to the FBI. What the scammers do not count on is you going to cash them at the Post Office.

A bank will cash the Money orders much more readily and because it is a Friday today, you will not know they were bogus until at least monday when they bounce. By then you have sent the cash to Kansas city in an untraceable Western Union Money Order.

If they send you money orders, GO DIRECTLY TO THE POST OFFICE and have them check for reality. Do not even drag you bank into the obvious fraud.

I gave the FBI the UPS envelope the Money Orders came in, the address and person I was to send the Western Union moneygram too, phone numbers given and the e mails they had sent me in advance of actually
sending the fake USPO money orders.

If they send you a regular cashiers check drawn on a bank, make no attempt to cash it. Go to your bank, ask for an officer, and give the check to the officer and ask for a validity check from the bank it is drawn on, whereever that may be. He can do that in minutes and he can also contact law enforcement.

Its a decent scam but one that is easily overcome if you just check on the paper you were sent before any cash is involved.


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