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a victim of Secret shopper fraud

Hi, I would like to get my story told as a victim who is still haunted by this secret shopper scam. I am from the DC Metropolitan area and had moved to Charleston in Sept.07. I had an account, with then Bank of American,who is now sueing me. October 2005, I lost my job and had to stay with my mom, I was 54 y.o at that time with a daughter who mentally challenged. Due to some health issues, I then had to apply for disability, as you know this is not alot of money. In March 2007, I recieved a cashie's check of, 4850.00 dollars from Atlantic Pacific Bank in Santa Rosa CA., yes I should have done better homework, but I thought I did. I phoned the the bank, Atlantic Pacific, calling off the checking acct. number and route number to the bank in Santa Rosa to confirm that the check was legal and they confirmed that it was. After following the instructions given by secret shopper, to confirm again I phoned Bank of America after 10days asking if the check had cleared I was informed that it did. In the mean time, I waited a couple days more before making any other transactions. April 2007, I recieved a notice from Bank of America that the check was a fraud. This was devastating.I then went to Bank of America in the Maryland area of Prince George's Co. of my dilemma, and was told that I was not the only customer who was affected by this and that there were others. My question to her, why were the customers not informed. She had no answer. Where and what responsibility is the Bank of Americal held. I have worked twenty-six yrs. in the medical field helping others, and am on disability, and I am now being sued by a big company who did not care about their customers. Some of the money that was in my account at that time was mine. Please, could you help me or better yet let me speak out on this to the public. So many people have lost their jobs, and connot be hit like this. In calling this secret shopper company, I did let them know my situation in needing an income and they assured me that they were legitamate. Why am I just doing something. I did not know what to do.


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