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Mystery Shopping Scam

I received one of those checks from Canada for $4992.00. I couldn't figure out how did a cashier's check dated 9/10 from a bank in Mo. get to my mailbox by 9/11 and from Cananda. I called the phone number on the letter. First I was put on hold and listened to some music, then, the lady came on the line and tried to tell me to spend $90.00 and moneygram back her the rest. I told her if she just wanted me to spend $90.00 why didn't she send me a check for $90.00. The lady was pretty put out with me for asking too many questions. She told me to call the number on the check and verify with the bank if the check was good. How about I did and listened to the same music and talked to the same lady! I turned the check and entire contents to the local authorities. I traced the phone numbers to be in Canada and a cell phone. To those of you who make fun of people being stupid to fall for these scams, don't understand there are people who have dementia, who are elderly, and those who are desperate people in financial jams that would easily fall into this trap. So just because you and I maybe smart enough not to do it, you have to think of others and their situation. Just remember if it sounds to good to be true, then it is and don't do it. I hope they catch these people who are running this scam and burn them good!!


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