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your arguments

I'm enjoying this argument! I mean the only reason felt to ban fireworks is because it MIGHT burn down a house or building. It's people who think the government should control what we do and what we spend our hard earned money on that make these arguments. If you can find no REAL reason besides they serve no purpose, stop posting FIRE! If I set fireworks off this Fourth of July, the day we celebrate our Independence and I get injured or I set something on fire, make me pay for the damages, give me the responsibility. Don't place it on the shoulders of everyone else who didn't do anything wrong. I made that choice, I did something stupid if someone else did it right they shouldn't be punished. I think if the government is cracking down this much on fireworks we might as well turn in the towel. We've lost. Too many people would rather punish everyone then hold one person responsible, no child left behind, fail everyone because one child didn't pass. Ban all fireworks because one person doesn't know how to use them. If you have a problem with freedom and allowing the people to choose what's best for them instead of the government get out of America because I will fight to the death before I let someone tell me whether or not I can say the pledge of allegiance or pray in schools or place a nativity scene in my front yard or shoot fireworks on the fourth of July.


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