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I agree!

Amen Brother - Couldn't have said it better. I am sick of people thinking that it's up to the government to enact rules and regulations to make things 'safe' for them. If you have a problem with something - like your neighbor setting off fireworks in an irresponsible manner - then get off your duff and go tell him so. Don't try to infringe on everyone's liberty because of your own lack of guts. We're talking about the Fourth of July here, to celebrate the founding of a country that was based on individual freedom, which our forefathers, and their sons and daughters fought and died to protect. Now you want to delegate your (and everyone else's) responsibilty back to the government. Don't you understand the personal commitment that goes along with being a citizen of a free country, or what you give up every time you ask your government to step in and 'regulate' every minor inconvenience to you? As for the likelyhood of fires or injuries - your responsibilty is to have insurance, and there are plenty of lawyers willing to take care of the rest.


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