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So just to respond to your comment, you are completely ignorant. First off, I am strongly liberal and do not even believe in God (Athiest), so just because one happens to enjoy fireworks does not automatically make them a right wing religious nut. Second, I happen to believe that many of these comments are in fact legitimate, but your comment does not even make a contribution to the topic, so please refrain from irrelevance such as asking for one's beliefs. Third, if these fireworks are so dangerous as people make claim to, then why are they able to sell them in SC in the first place? It's not just SC either, it's basically the entire Midwest plus a few other states. Point is that yes, people may lack common sense, yes fireworks are dangerous, but if they were so incredibly dangerous, then why do about 1/3 of the states continue to sell and allow people to use them? Obviously not because people in SC all have common sense while people in NC lack all forms of intelligence, including common sense. All I'm saying is that it's ridiculous that these fireworks are illegal since they can not be too dangerous if other states permit them. As for the prohibition of fireworks, why exactly are these firework laws left to the states? Of course we need this concept of federalism to ensure limited federal power, but if the federal government made a single decision over the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s, why can't the federal government regulate fireworks as well so we at least have a singular, uniform policy rather than differences and confusion that lead to the confiscation of hundreds of dollars of fireworks along with the additional charges tagged onto those?


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